Impedance control PCB

Bicheng provides impedance controlled PCB's for R&D, high-tech, IT research companies and organizations, large or small.

Technical parameters
*Controlled dielectric           
*Controlled impedance           
*Design coupons 
*Test coupons
*Polar CITS500                   
*Tolerance +/-10%               
*Differential impedance   
*Single end impedance

Actual PCB case
It's a typical sample we offer for high power electronics:
230*230mm=1 PCB    FR-4 TG170    4 Layers    35 um copper each layer    2.4mm finished thick
min.track/space: 4/4mil    Min.hole 0.25mm        ENIG Surface finish
L1 and L4: track /space 5.1/6mil, 90+/-10% ohm differential impedance
L1, L2 and L4, track /space 6.1/7.8mil, 100+/-10% ohm differential impedance

Related PCB products & Services:
*High Tg 170           
*High CTI 600V           
*Blind vias, Half hole, Via in pad,
*countersunk hole *Gold finger               
*ENIG, HASL, Immersion Silver, OSP
*Mass production        
*MOQ: 1 PCB       
*Door to door shipment

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